Hi, I'm Skip and this is my portfolio website.

This is where I present some of my work. It will be updated regularly! Scroll down or press the arrow below to see more.

Tattoo line-art + mandalas
Minimalistic tattoo style combining geometric forms and line-art. And some non traditional mandala style illustrations.
Branding, Illustration, Art Direction
Blade Runner minimalist
Art Direction, Illustration, Graphic Design
Low-Poly Parrot
Art Direction, Illustration, Graphic Design
Vinyl stand
Art Direction, Crafts, Drawing
Isometric not so symmetric
Isometric art
Graphic Design, Illustration, Digital Art
Drone Photography
Short drone videos
Cinematography, Photography, Visual Effects
Photography, Visual Effects, Film
Mograph Swirl
Computer Animation, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects
Lines Mograph
Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Illustration
Website landingpage concept
Branding, Web Design
Project Chaos Theory
Art Direction, Interaction Design, Motion Graphics
Valentine Mograph
Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Animation
Motion Graphics - Apple line-up flat design
Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Animation
Skateboard deck design
Graphic Design, Illustration
Plexus Style Graphics
Digital Art, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
New York - shortfilm
Cinematography, Motion Graphics
Long Shadow Mograph
Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics
MaxProjecten - business cards & work orders (branding)
Branding, Graphic Design
B&P website
Graphic Design, Web Design
Portrait Sketch
Adobe style (splash) business cards
Advertising, Branding, Graphic Design
Facilitas.work flyer
Advertising, Branding, Graphic Design
Website - Schoonheidssalon Roan
Graphic Design, Web Design
Project MediAID-kit
Interaction Design, Product Design
Sound Design (mic test)
Music, Performing Arts, Sound Design
Interactieve Installatie (Cinekid)
Art Direction, Industrial Design, Interaction Design
De Cabin Concurrent - 3D ontwerpen Cabins
Industrial Design, Motion Graphics
OG Visie logo ontwerp
Branding, Graphic Design
Coral Estate website design
Graphic Design, Web Design
Coral Estate logo-design
Art Direction, Graphic Design
Human MIDI-Controller (Interaction Design concept)
Art Direction, Interaction Design
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